Forthcoming Events

H&P Training Show

Every Wednesday Starts 6.30pm
Heights 60cm-1.30m. Suitable for all levels.
All Welcome!!


Kindly Sponsored by
TRI Equestrian: Vouchers to the winner of each class every evening Starts @ 6.30pm
Horses&Ponies (NON SJI). and Bumper prizes in the FINAL
FINAL: Friday 13th December

SJI Horse & Pony 6 Week League

Saturday August 24th, 31st,
Sunday September 8th, ;
Saturday 14th,28th;
Saturday 5th October
Ponies 9.30am/Horses 2pm
Ponies: 60cm N/comers /128cm: 70cm/80cm/90cm/1m;
138cm: 80cm/90cm/1m/1.10m;
148cm: 80cm/90cm/1m/1.10m/1.20m
Horses: 80cm/90cm/1m/1.10m/1.20m/1.25m;
FINAL Saturday 5th October 2019

SJI UR 2 DAY TRI Pony Autumn Tour

SATURDAY 21st September. Starts 9am SHARP!!
128 50cm/60cm/70cm/80cm/85cm Under 10Yrs (Over 69 pts)/90cm/1m
SUNDAY 22nd September Starts 9am SHARP!!
148 90cm/1m/1.10m (incl 6/7Yr Old)/1.20m
138 80cm/90cm/1m/1.10m
COH & Juniors 1m
COH & Juniors 1.10m/1.20m Handicap.

SJI Autumn Grand Prix 1.35m Series 2019

Starts 9am SHARP!!
Kindly Sponsored by "THE FAIRWAYS HOTEL", Dundalk.
Ev 1 95cm Prizefund €300
Ev 2 1.05m Prizefund €400
Ev3 1.15m Prizefund €600
Ev 4. 1.25m Prizefund €700
Ev 5. 1.35m Prizefund €2,000